Education Program

In this program, students are taught in English for about 35% of the school time according to British curriculum, including such subjects as: Math, Science, ESL taught by foreign and Vietnamese teachers. This program still ensures the standard curriculum of the Ministry of Education & Training.
  • Cambridge Program
  • Students in Cambridge system study education program of Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training combined with Cambridge English program:
  • Primary Program (Grades 1 - 5): Students learn the entire Cambridge English program in the afternoon or in the morning, including 03 main subjects: Math, Science and Cambridge English.
  • Secondary Program (Grades 6 - 8): Students learn in English according to the Cambridge program including: Math, Science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology), Social studies/Global perspective.
  • IGCSE Program (Grade 9 - Grade 10): Cambridge program is taught in English for at least 03 subjects in two years of Grade 9 and Grade 10. At the end of Grade 10, students take an exam for acquiring IGCSE certification issued by CIE for the subjects they have learned. IGCSE Certificate is the best preparation for students to study further to a higher level (A-level) and necessary skills for them to work in the future.
  • A-level Advanced program (including AS - Grade 11 and A2 - Grade 12) for students about to enter University. The program provides intensive subject knowledge and high-level application method, promoting independent thinking, developing the ability to process, evaluate, analyze, make decisions, and present in a connected and clear manner. At the end of grade 12, students take A-level exam for acquiring A-level degree granted by CIE and can confidently enter the world's top universities. Students with high A-level results (from C and above) have opportunity to earn University credit for A-level subjects. Every year, students take an exam to acquire Cambridge Certificate (if registered for the exam).
  • American Bilingual Program
  • Students learn all subjects according to American program in the afternoons or in the mornings, the rest of the day they learn subjects in the education program of Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training. The subjects in the American program will use American curriculum: Math, Language Arts, Mizzou K-12.
  • Students in American bilingual system being granted a Mizzou K-12 certificate from grade 8 and passing 6 Mizzou k-12 subjects will be granted a US High School diploma (these Students will have two degrees).
  • Additionally, all students of the 03 training systems can participate in their favorite sports, arts, life skills and extracurricular activities which are all focus on the school's Slogan: “Every student is a future leader”.
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    Each student is a future leader
  • This is a student-oriented (career-oriented) program, creating a firm premise for students when entering university in their major (IT, finance/commerce, languages, etc.) in the afternoons with different tuition fee for each year which is announced from the beginning of the school year (for enrolling students), for High School only.
  • Students of High quality program will study according to the Ministry of Education and Training’s program in the mornings, not day-boarding at school. Students can pay for meals, cars, naps at school (if they register)

    Newton creates an environment towards the excellence of each individual by harmonizing academic program and experiential extracurricular activities to help students be confident and active in learning as well as in life. In addition to academic activities, students will be able to participate in extracurricular activities, clubs such as: STEM and IT, Criticism, Drama, Football, Basketball, badminton, swimming, etc.


    STEM and IT, Criticism, Drama, Football, Basketball, badminton, swimming, etc…

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