Founder's Letter

Founder's Letter

Dear my beloved students!

I, on behalf of the School Board, cordially welcome you all to Newton Grammar School.

For a very long time, I have always nurtured the dream of a new generation of Vietnamese students, having full of knowledge and life skills, ready to integrate into international environment. Originating from that idea, people dedicated to education career and I have built a high-quality environment, in order to train students to have independent and creative thinking and necessary skills to confidently enter life in an era of opportunities and challenges.

Our School’s name has a special meaning, reminding us of the great scientist Issac Newton – an English physicist, astronomer, natural philosopher and mathematician of the 17th century. He has alone made greater contribution to science than any other person in human history.

I firmly believe that the Newton Grammar School will be a place where passion is nurtured, creativity is encouraged, collaboration is fostered, professionalism is sought and harmony of interests is guaranteed. The School will be the bridge to help students enter prestigious Vietnamese and international universities and integrate firmly into the global environment. I hope you will be interested in the School’s new creative methods and content.

With an international training program, advanced educational technology, a team of experienced domestic and foreign teachers, and special importance attached to the educational needs of each individual, Newton Grammar School set the goal to help students develop their inherent creative potential in the best way.

I believe that when studying at Newton Grammar School, students will not only acquire many new and useful knowledge but also determine for themselves the most suitable direction for their existing competence.

Wish you become the future leaders of the country!


For and on behalf of Founders’ Council of Newton Grammar School
Professor - Doctor of Science Tran Van Nhung