As part of the school’s annual education program, the 6th graders of Newton Grammar School recently had a joyful study trip at the Forest Resources Museum Vietnam.

This experiential program is associated with the natural science subject, a new subject in the general education program 2018 that has just been introduced in this school year. The teachers gave the students different learning tasks before this study trip. During the experience, students excitedly brought individual and group study notebooks to perform the learning tasks. Here, NGSers visited the botanical garden, plant gallery, animal and insect gallery, and ecological simulation room. In particular, students listened to the sharing of the guides about the characteristics of animals and plants; watched videos about illegal rhino horn exploitation and the extinction of rare animals. Since then, students have formed a greater sense of protecting the diversity of Vietnam’s forest resources, nature, and animals.

(Students listen to the introduction, observe, and record all the information very attentively)

(The specimens help students self-observe, and find information to complete the worksheets)

(Students are watching videos about the fate of one-horned rhinos)

(Students quickly take notes anywhere, anytime)

(Students cooperate to work in groups and discuss)

Also, in the program, under the guidance of the guides at the museum, students can manually press plant specimens, one of the methods of collecting samples when studying natural science.

(Students practice pressing plant specimens)

Looking at their eyes, full of curiosity to explore the real world. Seeing students take advantage of every place to take pictures and complete their learning tasks, the teachers all want to say: “A new normal life has begun, go ahead and experience, deepen their skills and knowledge. You are the future leaders”

Please continue to look forward to the individual and group reports of the students after this experiential learning trip!

Photo: Media Department + Science Department

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