The opening ceremony is not only meant to welcome a new school year, the opening ceremony is also an opportunity for us to welcome new family members – the first students. The Newton inter-school system pursues the educational philosophy of providing an educational environment that is not only good in terms of expertise but also brings a sense of belonging and love to each student.

September also has a highly anticipated event that is the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival of Newton students can be described in two simple words “experience” and “connection”.

It is a pleasure to experience and discover the long-standing cultural traditions of the nation on this holiday. The children were all excited to make their own lanterns, draw pictures, and also join hands with friends and teachers to decorate the classroom colorful and meaningful. Not only helping children preserve the traditional cultural beauty of the nation, but also creating conditions for students to promote their creativity and improve the spirit of solidarity and closeness with each other.

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