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Slogan: “Each student is a future leader”

Vision: To create an “International Integration” School System while retaining its national identity, educating students to be global citizens and talented leaders for family and for the country.

Mission: The Newton Grammar School always inherits and innovates to strive to be a Multi-Languages School to acquire knowledge from advanced countries in the world and help students practice Leadership Skills.

Core Values: Newton Grammar School has 5 cores values: Friendship – Equality – Professionalism – Leadership – Excellence (FEPLE)

Friendship: The relationship between teachers and teachers, teachers and students, students and students is built on the spirit of respect, openness, forgiveness, and sincerity. Students are strongly connected with each other and understand the differences of each individual through collaborative learning, working together, experiential activities, group activities, extracurricular activities, etc. with the idea of ​​”Newton is home” …

Equality: Each student has equal rights and access to comprehensive education as well as is encouraged to participate in educational activities at school or in groups, etc.

Professionalism: Teachers have standardized expertise and are fluent in the use of IT, promoting the highest efficiency in implementing lessons to bring knowledge to students easily. They also comply with school’s regulations and classroom rules and follow established procedures.

Leadership: Students develop leadership skills to stay independent and creative, contribute and exert influence on others and the community around them, and always pioneer and be a role model.

Excellence: Every teacher, staff, and student understand that in order to achieve “Every student is a future leader”, it is necessary to make an attempt to study and work hard, comply with regulations and be self-consciousness.

With the operating model of a Bilingual school, Newton provides a diverse international education, tailoring to the needs of parents and students. Newton always promotes learning as a continuous, active, and dynamic process among parents, students, teachers, School Board, and staff, as well as helps the Newton community grow to enhance knowledge and develop a happy school environment. Every aspect of Newton community is nurtured by learning and discipline and every stakeholder plays an important part in building a strong, effective learning community. Creating a school-wide culture will help strengthen the cooperation between Newton school, parents, and students and will focus on important issues in order to improve learning outcomes; and developing personality is the main goal that the school strives to achieve. All students at Newton have the opportunity to access cutting-edge, relevant, and flexible world-class curricula, including learning skills and discipline in school and in life. 

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